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Greetings, Phil Hackemann


It is important for me to stand up for my beliefs and thereby change something in the world. For that reason I'm active in several political organisations. At the moment, I am:

My most important topics are foreign-, european-, human rights-, transportation- and educational policy.


International Affairs

Moreover, I was able to gain valuable experiences also on the international scene. In this respect, I e.g. had the honor to



Since I was a child, I have been interested in economical topics. I'm especially enthusiastic about innovative startups which muster the courage to put their ideas into action.

Also I myself could attain some knowledge in this respect: As for instance with my participation in the business contest Business@School, a project of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), whereby my team and I eventually were able to get second place at the state finals with our own product Blue Health.



Since 2010 I've been producing movies, advertising spots and promotional videos under the name Home Film Entertainment.


During two internships at the advertising agency CAUT!ON, I also contributed to a campaign for the fragrance EXTASE.


Home Film Entertainment

Below a short overview of some of my projects so far:



Besides, I work in the field of graphic- and webdesign. An example for this is the CoolWater campaign I conceived.



Below some pictures of the CoolWater campaign:


Press Review

Hereafter a compilation of references in the press (German):

Bildquelle: Jon S (flickr). Lizenz: CC BY 2.0


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